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To advocate the filmmaking in the country, the Motion Picture Development Foundation of R. O. C founded the 1st annual Subsidy for Excellent Short Film in 1991. In 1998, the Government Information Office, Executive Yuan continues to support the subsidy project aiming to encourage new generation of filmmakers to make 16mm, 35mm, and high definition short films. GIO then provides Chinese Taipei Film Archive funding to give out this subsidy.

Since 1998, the winners of the subsidy had completed many brilliant works and won major film awards in the country, such as the Golden Horse Awards, Taipei Film Awards (independent filmmaking competition and citizen film awards), the Golden Harvest Awards, and awards granted by Taiwan International Documentary Festival. Several works also won awards and presented in international film festivals. This displays the diversity and creativity of Taiwan Cinema.

The applicants should fill out the application form and the proposal of filmmaking project (including project planning, budget, shooting schedule, script or synopsis, each with 9 copies) and related affidavits, identification documents, and submit to the Chinese Taipei Film Archive. The short films should not be longer than 60 minutes or less than 10 minutes.

The applicants should be the producers of the project or a film production company registered under the law of the Republic of China. The subsidy is not transferable. The subsided projects should be completed within 18 months once the contract is signed. If the project could not be completed by the deadline, the filmmakers could apply a two-month extension. Only one extension could be given.

The completed short films should print “ SHOT WITH GRANT FROM THE FUNDS FOR SHORT FILMS OF THE GOVERNMENT INFORMATION OFFICE, EXECUTIVE YUAN,” in the credit at the end of the print.
When the forth part of subsidy is received, the directors should donate one new print, a set of stills, and related materials to the Chinese Taipei Film Archive for preservation.
The directors agree that the Government Information Office and the Chinese Taipei Film Archive can use the print for noncommercial promotion and nonprofit screenings for free.



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