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Brief History

In 1997, the archive purchased its first vault, 1,071 square meters, in Shu-lin, Taipei County, the vaults were rented before. Soon the new vault was not enough for storage and 1,137 square meters were rented under the sponsorship of Council for Cultural Affairs. The new vault is equipped with air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. This has solved the problem of storage temporarily.

In 1999, the archive salvaged 300 millions feet newsreels of Taiwan Film Culture Company after the 921 earthquake, under the instruction of our parent body, Government Information Office. In 2000, China Film Studio (which was supervised by the Ministry of Defense) deposited its collection to our archive. Taiwan Film Culture Company and China Film Studio were the major government agents made newsreels, documentaries, and features in the past fifty years. To preserve these two collections, another vault, 1,084 square meters was rented.

In 2007, the acquisition increased rapidly, so another three floors of vaults, 1,461 square meters, were rented. In June, 2009, Central Motion Picture Corporation deposited their entire collection of feature films produced in the past 55 years and documentaries, short films and other deposits, so another 2,138 square meters was rented, up to now the total surface is 6,892 square meters.


Location: Shulin City, Taipei County
Construction: industrial building, 11 floors, total 6,892 square meters
Staff: 19


• Air conditioners: 11 sets of air conditioners 20 R/T, 5 cold storage cubes, 4 acclimatizers, 12
   fresh air generators
• Film equipments

1. Cleaning Room

    2 ultrasonic cleaning machines, LIPSNER SMITH, CF 7200, for cleaning stains and molds of 16 
    mm and 35mm

2. Film Checking Room

    6 STEENBECK, 16 mm & 35mm editing tables
    1 KEM 35mm editing tables
    2 KEM double screens editing tables
    6 KEM 16 mm & 35mm rewind and split table
    1 KEM 16 mm & 35mm SAT restoration table

3. Vinegar syndrome Treatment
    With 1 Vent Closet: to reduce vinegar before duplication and cold storage

4. Debug freezer: use -30 ℃ temperature to freeze bugs from film-related material

5. Subtitling: 2 computers: for subtitles with software to capture time codes

6. Audio Room: for transferring sound from records, reels, and cassettes to digital files

7. Photography room: for taking photos of large materials, posters, stills, etc.

8. Scanning room: for scanning documents in high quality of digital scanning

The Preservation Items

• Films: negatives, prints, trailer, dailies,
• Photography: photographic paper, positives, negatives, slides
• Paper: posters, inventory of production, documents, books
• Objects: film equipments, costume, props, awards
• Visuals: magnetic tapes, LDs, DVDs, VCDs
• Audios: magnetic tapes (reels, cassettes), CDs, records
• Other film material: non film-related, important documents

Collection (updated November, 30, 2009)

14,244 titles of Chinese films (features, documentaries, short films, newsreels)
2,911 titles of foreign films (features, documentaries, short films)
14,955 discs
22,106 videos
13,505 books
83 film periodicals
5,030 titles of Chinese film posters (164,058 posters)
5,537 titles foreign film posters (38,905 posters)
2,060 stills (35,834 stills)
422 objects



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