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CTFA Establishment Objectives

1. Safeguarding and maintaining the motion-picture cultural heritage of the Republic of China;

2. Promoting academic research and public awareness of motion pictures;

3. Providing information to assist the development of the motion picture industry in the Republic
    of China


CTFA Functions

1. Promoting the motion pictures of the Republic of China; and collecting, collating and preserving
    its motion-picture cultural assets;

2. Accepting commissions from motion picture companies, government agencies and private
    institutions, organizations or individuals to safeguard motion-picture films and related

3. Collecting classic motion pictures from other countries and areas and promoting academic
    research of motion pictures;

4. Establishing a database of motion pictures and film-related materials, as well as film industry

5. Collating and researching motion picture historical materials and treatises;

6. Producing and releasing written and audio-video publications pertaining to motion pictures;

7. Organizing and promoting film programs, festivals and exhibitions;

8. Providing public reading and viewing access to Chinese- and foreign-language books,
    periodicals and videos pertaining to motion pictures;

9. Supporting the cultivation of motion-picture talent;

10. Promoting international motion-picture cultural exchanges.


The CTFA shall establish four departments with the following respective duties and responsibilities

• Administration Department
Document handling, filing, official seals, purchasing, general affairs, personnel management, accounting, disbursement, secretariat duties, and business operation auditing.

• Acquisition Department
Acquisition, restoration, preservation, cataloguing and database entry of books, periodicals, films, video recordings and other pertinent materials.

• Programming Department
Publicity, press releases, public relations, lectures and panel discussions, film promotions, assistance for the cultivation of film talent and film appreciation screenings, as well as the planning and execution of exhibitions for films, recorded videos and film-related print materials.

• Publication Department
Publication, distribution and promotion of print publications and periodicals such as the Republic of China Cinema Yearbook and Film Appreciation Journal, as well as audio recordings and audio-visual publications


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