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Golden Harvest Awards


The Golden Harvest Award is a competition for short films and videos, fully funded by the Government Information Office, Executive Yuan, the Republic of China. Its mission is to cultivate film talents and to elevate the substance and standard of film art creation, to encourage filmmaking of 35 mm, 16mm and digital formats. The competition is first held in 1978. Other than the Golden Horse Awards, the Golden Harvest Awards are the second longest standing competition in Taiwan.

Golden Harvest Awards not only inspire the momentum of domestic filmmaking, also nourish many outstanding filmmakers, including internationally renowned directors Ang Lee and Tsai Ming-liang, also directors like Ko I-cheng, Tseng Chuang-Hsiang, Wu Yii-Feng, Yee Chin-Yen, Yang Li-Chou, Hsiao Ju-chen, Mi-sen Wu, Cheng Wen-Tang and Zero Chou.

Previous recipients who recently break through include Wei Te-shen, director of 2008’s big hit Cape No. 7, Tom Shu-Yu Lin, director of Winds of September and Leon Dai, director of No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti, the heated discussed film of 2009. All their works have been previously polished by the Golden Harvest Awards.

Total premium of Golden Harvest Awards amounts to 3 million NTD. Other than awards for films, there are also awards for individuals to encourage directors, screenplay writers, cinematographers, art directors, lighting designers, and sound recorders. With its high premium and various awards, Golden Harvest Awards attract works made by students of many university all over the island.

The submitted works of Golden Harvest Awards could reveal the current situation of short filmmaking of that year. Golden Harvest Awards not only is the leading film competition in the country, many international film festivals also find the screenings as a channel to find innovative works and young directors. Many entrant works also received awards in international film festivals.



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