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Annual R.O.C Documentary Awards


In 1989, to promote the video making and elevate the standard and content of video making, Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA), Executive Yuan, held the 1st Annual R. O. C. Documentary Award. The video industry was first introduced in 1980s. By 1989, video has become the most popular audio-visual media, widespread in the families. Due to many problems of duplication, broadcasting, pirating, pornography resulted from this trend, in order to promote protection of copyright and the video industry, the CCA and Government Information Office (GIO) hosted the first edition of the Golden Video Award for Cultural Videos to encourage artistic creativity in the country.

The Golden Video Awards has held for five editions (1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994). In 1997, to keep with the changing circumstances, it was renamed as “ANNUAL R. O. C. DOCUMENTARY AWARD.” Its mission has changed to advocate the documentation of domestic event and culture, to promote the cultural life of Taiwan, to encourage the people to care and value the local cultural development. The Award is also founded by the Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan. Other than the Best and Excellence awards, in 2001 the Local Culture and History Documentary Award was added. In 2001, the award was renamed as Council for Cultural Affairs Documentary Video Awards.



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